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Service Agents

Service Centres

Initially there will be four Approved Taxi LPG Service Centres in the London Area who will look after the support, repairs and replacement of any unit failure. These Service Centres will stock all components required to repair the LPG system.

West London - Camberfield Taxi Services Ltd. Brentford, Tel: 0208 568 9643

North London -To be agreed

East London - To be agreed

South London - To be agreed

Maintenance required

The converted LPG Nissan engine looks the same as the original diesel engine – so no nasty surprises for your usual service garage when they lift the bonnet. Even the air filter and oil filter are the same as on the diesel version.

Service costs should be no more than on a standard Fairway or TXI service, as some service items are deleted and others are added.

It is recommended, in the Drivers Handbook, that every year that the taxi is booked into one of the Jaymic Approved Taxi LPG Service Centres for a full LPG fuelling systems check. These Service Centres will be provided with the technology to check emissions and replace any LPG system components if required. All the Service Centres will have an LPGA approved installer.


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