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Welcome to Jaymic LPG Black Cab Conversions


Mayor's of London's emissions strategy

On the 20th December 2004 the Mayor of London announced his emissions strategy for London's black cabs. Complete details are included in the PCO Notice 32/04, available on the PCO web site.

All of 20,160 of London's black cabs will have to meet strict Euro-III emissions standards by 31st December 2007.

The process will start in April 2005 with a new environmental charge of 20p being added to all journeys. It is expected that this will apply for the next 3-years. The cab driver will keep this 20p to help pay for the options available to him.

Phase 1.

Between 1st July 2005 and 31st December 2005 all Pre-Euro black cabs, when presented for their annual licensing inspection, will have to either have an PCO/EST approved LPG conversion or emissions reduction equipment fitted to Euro-III emission standards. 2,232 LTi Nissan engine cabs come into this phase. Although, if a cab is presented for licensing at the PCO before the 1st July 2005, it will have a years grace for Euro-III compliance.

Phase 2.

Between 1st January 2006 and 31st December 2006 all Euro-I black cabs, will have to be to Euro-III emissions. 8,157 LTi Nissan engine cabs come into this phase. This will be the busy year as there will be a number of Pre-Euro cabs from Phase 1. to be converted to Euro-III.

Phase 3.

Between 1st January 2007 and 31st December 2007 all Euro-II black cabs, will have to be to Euro-III emissions. 4,938 LTI Nissan engine cabs come into this phase.

Jaymic have developed, tested and proved an LPG conversion to enable all Nissan engine Fairway and TXI black cabs to comply with these new Euro-III regulations.

Exhaust Emissions Pollution

Nobody likes change. But pollution from vehicles, especially diesels, in London is contributing to the ill health of the people who live and work in London.

Two of the worst exhaust pollutants from diesel are Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) and Particles (PM’s).

When diesel is burnt in an engine with air it turns the Nitrogen in the air into various Oxides of Nitrogen and Smoke Particles.

Nitrogen Oxides react in the air when they exit the exhaust to form Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), which can have adverse affects on health, particularly among people with respiratory illnesses. It also contributes to smog and acid rain.

Larger Smoke Particles are not so much of a problem as they are heavy and drop to the road, but the Fine Particles stay in the air and are breathed in. These Fine Particles are associated with increased hospital admissions due to breathing problems and bring forward the deaths of those already suffering from respiratory illnesses.




London's Black Cab Emissions

In London, in 1-year, a staggering 845 tonnes of Nitrogen Oxides is pumped out by black cabs alone.

If all the London cabs were converted to the Jaymic LPG System the Nitrogen Oxide pollution would reduce to 106 tonnes - 8-times less.

The NOx and Particle emissions from the Jaymic converted Fairway, Fairway Driver and TXI cabs are not only to Euro III emissions, they are 6 times cleaner than the newer Euro III Ford diesel engine TXII.

Exhaust Results



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