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JAYMIC Classic BMW Parts, 2002 Thurgarton Road, Aldborough, Norfolk, NR11 7NY, UK Telephone: +44 (0) 1263 768768 - Fax: +44 (0) 1263 768336
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Jaymic Details History

Brief History of Jaymic Ltd

Jaymic circa 1981

Jaymic Ltd was founded by Mike and Jane Macartney, the business was started in 1973 as a Vehicle Accident Repair Centre specialising in Insurance Company work, general car body work and paint spraying. The business grew and in the late seventies they bought a greenfield site and built our present workshops on the half-acre area.

With the downturn in accident repair work (too little work and too many repairers) Mike Macartney became aware of the need to bring work in from outside the area. In 1984 he set up a mail order parts department for Classic BMWs of the sixties and seventies and Jaymic became established worldwide for its expertise in this range of BMW models.

Jaymic, to this day, have customers all around the world and visitors travel from as far a field as Australia, Singapore, Japan and many other countries. Some just come to have a look round the workshops and at the cars being worked on, others are collecting parts, some of which Jaymic have remanufactured as they are no longer available from BMW. More often customers are delivering their prized possessions to have full restoration or service work carried out. Having a comparatively low labour rate some of these overseas visitors can enjoy a stay at one of Cromer’s many guest houses with the whole exercise costing the same as just the repairs to their vehicle would cost in their home country.

Jaymic have prepared cars for many competition events such as the London to Mexico and London to Cape Town rallies. Both Mike Macartney and Keith Morley (Workshop Manager) have raced BMW 2002s over the years and are happy to put their wealth of experience, good and bad, into the 2002s of today. Mike has had two books published, "The BMW 2002, a Comprehensive Guide" & "The BMW 02 Restoration Guide".


Another Jaymic design and development project was the "Sidewinder"; a leaning motorcycle sidecar that helped learner riders when the laws were changed in the UK to reduce the maximum capacity that a learner could ride to 125cc. This meant that learner riders with 250cc motorcycles would have to sell the 250cc bikes and buy a 125cc instead, unless their motorcycle was fitted with a sidecar. The patented Sidewinder would allow the motorcycle to lean into the corners and provide a normal ride feel.

The Poppy Flyer
The Poppy Flyer
Jaymic’s first encounter with Alternative Fuels happened in the late seventies. As a bit of fun they designed and built a human powered vehicle (HPV) capable of 55mph, “The Poppy Flyer”. With this machine Jaymic attempted to beat the World Record for human powered speed. Unfortunately they were beaten into second place by 0.2 of a second over the quarter mile at Pomona Raceway in California by a team from NASA with sponsorship to the tune of $500,000. So, although disappointed it was still a real achievement, especially as the European speed record went to Jaymic, which it still holds today. The body of the first Poppy Flyer was built from polycarbonate and media publicity bought work form the likes of Colmans (an enclosure for their new baby food line) and Hartwell Atomic Energy (a 20th scale model of a nuclear reactor core).

Jaymic Van

Around 1995 Jaymic decided to look at alternative fuels again. Mike researched the alternative fuels business attending conferences around the world and visited various gas equipment manufacturers. LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas has been used as a vehicle fuel for well over thirty years in countries such as Italy and Holland keeping pace with new vehicle technologies. Supply contracts were developed with the Italian Autogas
equipment manufacturer “OMVL” and Polish tank manufacturers “Stako” amongst others. Jaymic has earned a reputation as one of the most respected suppliers of equipment and technical knowledge in this field with a number of employees working closely with the LP Gas Association to improve levels of quality and safety within the industry. Jaymic were also the first company in the Alternative Fuels industry to be granted certification for the International Quality Standard ISO 9002.
Training Room

London's famous Black Cabs
Taxi Strip
Jaymic are dedicated to raising the profile and customer awareness of Alternative Fuels. In the year 2000 Jaymic Alternative Fuel Systems were awarded with North Norfolk District Council’s Environmental Award 2000 for Small Businesses for their work with Alternative Fuels. Another research and development project is a special LPG conversion system to be fitted to London’s famous Black Cabs. Diesel usually powers these taxis so the conversion involves quite a radical engine modification. A number of Jaymic Taxis are being used in London.


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